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Photoshop PSD Image to Responsive Website

I created this responsive website with page loader, animations, and parallax from a photoshop design

Technologies Include:
Bootstrap | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | Google Fonts | Font Awesome | Photoshop


BlackTop is a parking rental and reservation platform. Think of it as the Airbnb of parking spots.

Landing Page with Form

A simple responsive landing page with a form

Mezmer App

A quiz app with a flash card feel

About Me

I’m a front end developer who loves to learn new technologies and expand his technical skills. I like the problem-solving aspect of software development, and I enjoy diving deep into a topic to truly understand it’s fundamentals. I have developed several projects using React, Redux, Node, Express, PostgreSQL. When I’m not developing software you will likely find me 3D printing something, trying to build a self-driving car or autonomous drone.



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